Connectier thrives to fullfil corporate needs and below are the common list of items we supply on different variations and varities which are ready to supply to you. Needless to mention we do custom order suppies

Stationary Items

A4Sheet, A3Sheet, BoxFile, StringFileCopra, StringFilePlastic, TagFile, PouchFile, DisplayFile, EnvelopeCoversWhiteandBrown, StickyNote, LongSizeRuledandUnruledNote, NotePad, AttendanceRegisterNote, WhiteBoardMarker, PermanentMarker, OHPMarker, Duster, Highlighter, CorrectionPen, Pen, GelPen, PencilEraserSharpner, CarbonSheet, StaplerMachine, StaplerPin, PaperPounchingMachine, WhiteCellotape, BrownCelloTape, DoubleSideTape, InstallationTape, Scissors, BinderClip, GemClip, BellPins, BoardPushPins, MagneticPins, Scribblingpad, FevocolTube/gum, Calculator, SmileyBall, IceCreamStick, Ballon, RubberBand

Household Items

RoomSpray, AutomaticRoomSpray, GarbageCover, Dustbin, BathroomBrush, FloorCleaningMob, FloorCleaningWiper, GlassCleaningWiper, RoomFreshner, ToiletFreshner, YellowCloth, CottonCloth, Harpic, BathroomCleaningLiquid, Lizol, Colin, TissuePaper, ToiletTissue, PaperPlate, PaperCups